What a day.. After a quick trip to hospital and a cocktail of painkillers and antibiotics later we somehow managed to get ourselves to Jumanji Nights.. (3 hours late wasn't too bad).

The sun was out and business was great!

Always great to see our good friends Team Beard, GarageFuckhouse, Slideways Couture, Sticker Dude, Alex McArthur Photography & 7eam Chizfab to name but a few.

Thanks for everyone who made a purchase from us and anyone who came up for a chat! It's genuinely appreciated.

The biggest thanks has to go to the Jumanji Night boys themselves.. What an absolute blinder of a show they put on for us today. You guys deserve a MASSIVE pat on the back. Easily the best fun I've had since the first event.

Thanks guys, we love you!
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