Galaxy BMW!

Jan 17 2017

Galaxy BMW!

Check out my previous post on how to win some stickers that were made for this car.

Competition Time!

Did you watch my latest Vlog last night? If so, you'll have noticed this sweet Fueltopia BMW right at the start. How do you fancy winning these awesome stickers of it?

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I'll pick 4 winners on Friday!

My Autosport video drops tonight at 7:00pm on Youtube! If you haven't already subscribed then check the link in the comments.

Massive shout out to Youtube legend, David Patterson (ThatDudeInBlue) for wearing my t-shirt in a new video! If you haven't already checked David out on there, please head over and give him a subscribe! (Link in comments).

Thank you to everyone who sent me in messages letting me know about the video.

— Products shown: Laeighties VG Logo T-Shirt (Black).

Goodbye, Autosport! You were a lot of fun but my back and feet hurt, Time to head home!

Who was trolling who though? ;)

(See my previous post).

Haters Gonna Hate!

For as long as I could remember I've always wanted to buy a Ferrari kitted MR2, BUT, not try pass it off as the real thing by putting all the badges and stuff on it. I'd still happily rock that MR2 badge, I just LOVE the shape it creates. The back end is just wild.

It seems that someone has also had my dream, but on a bit of a wider scale. I know about 90% of you will hate this thing, but I just think it's incredible.

Just don't tell Ferrari!

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