Last picture of the front, I promise!

Big love to M-M Photography for the picture.

Thank you to the guys at Tartan Tarmac for this cool shot and for hosting their breakfast meet on Sunday!

I've been sent some images from a meet I attended at the weekend and you can finally see the actual colour of the #PS13! Thank you to for the image!

Scotland has been having some incredible weather over the past few days, so it made sense to finally give the PS13 a clean! Also added the little side skirt splitters which definitely give a bit more of an aggressive look.

I also want to thank everyone for their orders over the weekend, the new design has been well received (to my surprise) and stock is now low. Everything is getting shipped today!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend <3

I changed up the back lights, not that you can really notice but I can assure you they are different haha...

I'm thinking 326 spoiler, What do you think?

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