I feel like i've posted the same image about 5 times now, but I assure you each one is different haha! I've just fitted my new #Motamec #EvoOne bucket seat and it ROCKS! PS - I may be very quiet tomorrow, as i'm going to pick something up super exciting! I can't wait to show you all :) #EP3 #TypeR #Honda #Civic

Such a sick #FC3s #RC shell rocking an old school design! Seeing this makes me miss the old track. -

Mucho Extendo Shifto Bro! The throw is mad, but this #Skunk2 extension and nylon knob make the car feel so much more fun to drive! Next up, I need to sort the seating situation! #EP3 #CivicTypeR #Honda

Post a picture of your interior in the comments section, the image with the most amount of Likes by Sunday night will win some goodies!

@jumpduckfuckup rocking the skull sticker on his #PS13. Such an amazing car, thank you for the support! - @lexulanov

A bit of #Skull loving from @danielparktattoo_ on his rad green #S15! Thank you #Nissan

The finished article, complete with suede gaiter. So much cleaner looking than the old rubbery one (which had split anyway). I'll calm it with the #Honda stuff, I promise :). #EP3 #civic #typer

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