@panozgtr's sick #Nissan #Bluebird rocking my white sun strip! I've still got a couple of these in stock, the black ones will be back next week! Thank you for the love, your car looks so good! ️

Essex bad boy & celebrity, @adamivell is rocking one of the 2017 design stickers on his #S15! Such a sick car, but put the #Regamasters back on please. #Nissan #Silvia @6two1 / @banditsupplyco_

@monkylondon modelling the #Laeighties t-shirt design for me. I also asked his friend, John, but he was on holiday in #Mexico. #FC3s #S13

Do you ever see a picture of a car and think, I bet that would be so much fun to drive. @darryl_ek9's sick stripped #EK9 is 100% one of them. Tag a friend with a track ready car! #Honda

At 7:30pm (GMT) tonight, a super small AND limited run of these stickers will go on sale.

Once they are gone, they won't be back!


I love seeing my sun strips on cars! I struggle to keep them in stock, however they should only ever be unavailable for a week at a time. Thank you to everyone who has purchased one and tagged me! - @lindsay.eunos #Mazda #MX5 #Miata

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