Jaw Dropper!

Danny Batista Photography

Shot and light-painted by me in Hawaii of Bryce Jenkin's Wide Body Rocket Bunny 350z on AirREX digital air suspension system. :D The white streak is not photoshopped nor extended in Photoshop. That's one of the exposures from the #icelight that I use to light-paint the vehicle. The concept was to attract more attention to the wing, but I also used that specific exposure to accent the louvers on the back of the vehicle. Love this thing! #rocketbunny #350z #nismo #nissan #toyo #toyotires #airrex #bagged #baggedbrothers AirREX Japan Airrex SoCal AirREX Air Suspension Australia

P.S. I'm visiting most major cities this year. If you want to book a light painting sesh, contact me to find out where and when I'll be near you. :)
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