Looks like we were on Coronation Street again!

We are super excited! Tonight we are collecting something very very cool for the new track space.

Can you guess what it might be? The picture is your clue!

The guys over at HPI Racing just hooked us up with probably one of our favourite shells for the Micro RS4.

We can't wait to test these little cars out on the track!

The original Status Error X Fueltopia t-shirts are back in stock now!

Grab one here >

Please Please take 2 minutes out of your day to head on over to this page, give them a Like and read what they are about. It's all for a very good cause!

Unfortunately we can't be there but we have sent our donation!

Get on it.

Toy Run 3000

Toy Run 3000 has been born from five years of supporting children's hospices with it's Christmas toy run. Supported by motoring media website Fueltopia
Question - Do you say STAY TUS error, or STAT US error?

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