Please welcome to the Status Terrors team, Neil Dunne of Team Kanjiuma!

Neil and the team are competing this weekend at the Irish Drift Championship!

Best of luck!

Bamboo sunglass have been restocked, now available in white!

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Incredible work!

Apr 24 2015

Incredible work!

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@[100003920236645:2048:Steve Biagioni] here is your new Turbo . #ODboosted #monsterenergyuk #monsterenergy #OwenTurbos #acornzenisesmotorsport #AcornMotorSport #TurboPorn #TurboBling #Drift #Boost #Baggsy — with James Gilbert and 3 others.
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Ahh, We love the smell of freshly cut grass and zombie brains in the morning!

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