Vegetarians, look away now!

We had this SAVAGE meal the night before the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint (FBS) and King of the Ring events.

Chicken, Cheese, Hashbrown, Bacon and... wait for it... PEANUT BUTTER y0!

Status Food.

New design t-shirts are back in stock at the website!

Available in Small right up to 3XL!

There is a delivery van somewhere in the country that has an awesome new item of clothing in it and it was supposed to be delivered to us by 4pm.

The man on the phone has told us twice that it is almost with us.

Will it come, comment with YES or NO.
There are still so many awesome car images coming in from you guys, including this one from Marc Huxley of Huxley Motorsport.

We can't wait to see how this is going to end up!

This just in! - Leonardo DiCaprio stunt double is a Status Error fan!

Our friends over at AMDetails dropped this awesome little video yesterday. If you're a fan of the Jaguar XKRS then this will be the equivalent of watching the Kim Kardashian porno.. We will let you take that as you wish.

AMDetails Maintenance Valet 2 - Demonstration
Here is a demonstration of the steps carried out during an AMDetails Maintenance Valet 2. Designed to clean your vehicle with the safe wash methods and return it…
Don't forget we are still running this cool little photo edit image competition!!

Timeline Photos
We will upload the video from our last status very soon!

Until then.. How about this weeks photo edit competition?

No doubt when you were in school there was at least one time your friends would bully you by saying your parents owned a Lada Riva.. Or at least you wouldn't be seen dead in one, right?

Well let's make one super cool that you would have loved if your parents owned it.

What you need to do.

1 - Take the image into a photo editing software and make it look cool.
2 - The cooler the better!
3 - Post it on our wall, email it ( or send it in via PM.
4 - Be the best and win stuff!

We will pick some finalists on Friday and you can vote for who should win!

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