Dan just put his latest Vlog on the Status Error Youtube channel! This time it's from his trip to Gatebill this year.

Check the comments for the link!

I don't think I've ever launched something on a Saturday before, so who fancies something a little bit limited tomorrow?


Dec 01 2016

Andy Wallers VTEC Mini which now boasts an incredible 254.2BHP! Andy Waller

Big shoutout to the guys at Automek for sticking the new alcantara wheel on for me!

I've honestly fitted a stack of wheels before, but none have ever had an airbag. So I thought I'd best leave it to the professionals!

Looks and feels just like a super car now... kind of.

For all the people giving feedback on the video audio quality, I listened and hopefully this will deliver!

I dropped a new video on the Youtube channel last night! If you haven't already checked it out then please do so by clicking the link in the comments!

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