What Is Rewind?


I keep seeing the above symbol on some products, but what exactly does it mean?

Using state of the art DTG printers and embroidery machines, I am now offering Status Error designs that have been reworked or discontinued for a long time. These items are made to order, always in stock and shipped directly from fulfilment centres across the world with full tracking. Meaning that I can offer FREE worldwide shipping when you purchase a Rewind marked product. 

I've bought items that are marked with the Rewind logo and some that are not, will they ship together?

Orders with mixed items will NOT ship together. However, the dispatch time of both Rewind and non Rewind are around the same, so there shouldn't be much of a delay in items arriving with you. ALL Rewind orders are fully tracked, so you can check on its whereabouts any time after it has been dispatched.

I'm buying internationally but I've been charged shipping on my Rewind product, why is this?

Free shipping is only available internationally when you are purchasing ONLY Rewind items. If you mix it with non Rewind products then you will be charged the standard shipping rate for that location. UK shipping is always free though. 

Where are all of the old designs? 

To keep things fresh, I have decided to release the older designs gradually rather in one big bulk. So although you may only see a handful, I plan on dropping at least 1 classic design every month.

Will you be doing girls and kids clothing?

100%! One of the great things about Rewind is that I have so many new options available to me which will allow two of the most requested products, female and children's clothing! I don't have an exact date, but they will come!

I am an international customer and it won't let me buy any Rewind products, why is this?

Due to COVID-19, the fulfilment centres outside of Europe are very much struggling to keep up with numbers. Meaning there is an 8-10 week dispatch time, which sucks. Although I'm sure most of you would happily wait, I don't even want to offer the service outside of the UK and Europe until they have got that time waaaaaay down. I apologise about this but I promise it will come soon!